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Nevada Volunteers awards Inspiring Service contract to improve volunteerism

Nevada Volunteers, the Nevada governor’s commission on service, announced the launching of NV Volunteer Connect, the only volunteer-connecting service designed specifically for Nevada.


NV Volunteer Connect is the easiest way for Nevadans to get involved with volunteering in their communities. Those interested in volunteering can use modern search to discover the most active nonprofit organizations in Nevada with causes spanning 17 UN sustainable goals.

NV Volunteer Connect makes it easy for volunteers to find organizations they are passionate about, with user-friendly search tools and an in-depth events calendar that shows all upcoming events that need volunteers. At NV Volunteer Connect, potential volunteers can discover how nonprofits engage volunteers on an ongoing basis. Those volunteers can then use the site to reach out to those nonprofits that interest them — all without creating a login or account.

No matter the volunteer’s passion, NV Volunteer Connect has a way that will provide a fulfilling experience for everyone.

NV Volunteer Connect was created through a partnership with Inspiring Service, who developed a similar volunteer-connecting platform in Cincinnati. 

“Nevada Volunteers is excited to take the work they have done and apply it on a statewide level,” said Matthew DeBray, Nevada Volunteers’ external affairs coordinator.

Inspiring Service was founded in April 2017 to improve the volunteer ecosystem in Greater Cincinnati, while developing tools that could improve volunteerism in any state or region.

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