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Challenging times require an extraordinary solution.
Dynamic Volunteer Rebalancing as part of our AI-powered “Give Back Better” platform is that solution.

Our Early Adopters

*We also empower highly motivated communities, like Los Angeles, Tampa Bay and elsewhere, where statewide implementation has not yet begun.

Dynamic Volunteer Rebalancing

People want to help

When people first become inspired to help, they don't know the many ways they could help the many active nonprofits in their community. As they discover the ways and nonprofits that best fit with their interests, abilities and passions, they send a message offering to help. No account is needed.

The recovery will be uneven

If the nonprofit is in a position to engage a new volunteer, they respond immediately to the message and a connection is made. If they are not ready at this time, a polite response is sent and, if it's OK with the prospective volunteer, the nonprofit will reach back out to them when they are ready.

Dynamic Rebalancing in action

If there isn't a fit with the messaged nonprofit at this time, our AI engine kicks in and finds similar nearby possibilities based on this and any previous messages that are ready for volunteers like them. Dynamic Rebalancing maximizes connections without putting the burden on the nonprofits or the prospective volunteers.

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