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Citizen Leader


At the Citizen Leader level, you get all the benefits of a Good Citizen and Engaged Citizen, with the added opportunity to work as a partner with Social Venture Partners, but most importantly as part of a cohort of Cincinnati Cares SVP partners. As a Citizen Leader, and as a result of Cincinnati Cares’ relationship with SVP, you get all the benefits of being an SVP partner. Your role as a partner is very flexible; some use it as preferred philanthropy, others roll up their sleeves and get to work face-to-face with other SVP partners and nonprofit leaders on a nonprofit project without the obligations of a board member. As an SVP collaborator, Cincinnati Cares’ Citizen Leaders will be the most highly sought-after volunteers working every day to create a Greater Cincinnati. As part of the Cincinnati Cares SVP partner cohort, you will become part of a select group of SVP partners who will come together to share experiences and challenge each other in a moderated roundtable setting — to enhance your experience as well as the experience of the nonprofit you are guiding.

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