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Partners at the Engaged level share in our desire to create a Greater Cincinnati. Volunteerism rates have been declining across the country and even more sharply in the Cincinnati region.  Fewer volunteers means fewer resources for our nonprofits to deliver on their missions, meaning fewer resources for creating a Greater Cincinnati. While researching why volunteerism is declining, especially in our region, we learned that there are many people who want to help – as well as a growing need for their help – but they are simply not connecting with each other and our nonprofits. Until now, it has just been too hard to make this connection. Cincinnati Cares makes it easy for those who want to help to connect with ways to help, and inspires people by illuminating the diverse variety of opportunities available to make an impact in our community. Our Engaged partners are committed to using Cincinnati Cares to make their organizations, and therefore our community, better.

Using the form,, nonprofits can create a profile or update their organization’s existing profile on Nonprofits can also submit events for which they are recruiting 10 or more volunteers: Nonprofits interested in finding highly-qualified and diverse candidates for their open board positions can get access to our innovative board matching program, connecting passionate people with opportunities to serve.

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