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Our funders want to highly leverage their contributions by supporting volunteerism and service.
Enlightened communities can achieve this goal.

Communities from Los Angeles to Boston

Technology and Services

Integrated Website

Our insights into user experiences and design trends, along with knowledge of local, state and national volunteer ecosystems across multiple regions and states, make us the perfect partner for state service commission website redesigns or rebuilds. Every state needs and deserves its own place to tell its national and state service story and support its own programs in an effective, modern and easily-navigated way.


Nonprofit Guide

Our statewide nonprofit guides reveal to the prospective volunteer of all generations the many ways in which they can engage in their community, and state. Using modern innovative tools and providing unmatched services, our guides provide a comprehensive view of the state’s volunteer ecosystem and help the prospective volunteer take action on all levels of service opportunities and inspiration.


Service Position Recruiting

A new recruitment tool to help attract and connect people to state and national service positions within a state. State service commissions have to rely upon antiquated websites, PDFs and lists of phone numbers in hopes that prospective national service members are ingenious and persistent enough to find their way to the right opportunity to serve. Our recruiting platform uses an innovative virtual event packet and artificial intelligence to speed the right matches, revealing the opportunities and making access to positions and viable candidates achievable like never before.


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