Cincinnati Cares

Cincinnati Cares is a website that supports and promotes volunteerism in our region in a variety of ways.  There are two core features:

Discover Meaningful Ways To Help

Cincinnati Cares provides a single location in which to discover the wide array of nonprofits in our region that engage volunteers, learn more about ways to help at each organization, and see upcoming, city-wide events engaging large numbers of volunteers.

Are you interested in a specific cause? Explore organizations whose work supports it. For instance, if you’re interested in supporting the environment, you’ll see well-known organizations – like the Cincinnati Zoo – but you’ll also see organizations like the Civic Garden Center, which is right down the street, relies almost entirely on volunteers, and is less well-known.

When we ask people in Cincinnati why they don’t volunteer, an overwhelming response is that it is too difficult to find a way to help. Cincinnati Cares makes this easy and – through a consistent, attractive presentation of nonprofit organizations – it inspires and informs people about the diverse varieties of impact they can be a part of making throughout our communities.


For some volunteers – specifically organizers of volunteer groups, professionals looking to contribute their expertise, and retirees looking for an encore experience – the process of finding a way to help isn’t as straightforward and requires more effort to find the right fit, from the interests and availability of the volunteer to the capacity and needs of the nonprofit organization.

For these specific volunteers, and the nonprofit administrators looking for them, Cincinnati Cares is a connection platform. Instead of using the traditional method of outreach in which nonprofits search for these volunteers, Cincinnati Cares flips the system upside down. It enables volunteers to offer their interests and availability and – with a single click – communicates their offers to all nonprofits whose work aligns with the volunteer’s interests. Nonprofits can respond directly to the offer, making the communication easy and straightforward.

Cincinnati Cares offers a wonderful opportunity to increase impact in our community, while bringing it together as a whole. To get involved, visit our Get Engaged page!