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COVID-19 Assessment and Response System
For every city in America, there is now a tool to help a region’s nonprofits respond and recover from the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
1 Week to Deploy.

* You can quickly implement one, two or all three of these capabilities.


An easy way for nonprofits to share the stories of impact and quantify the impact in real time.

Ways to Help Now

People still want to help, even though they must practice safe social distancing and non-gathering in large crowds. This site connect volunteers to opportunities wherever they exist. For example, United Ways, volunteer centers, nonprofit associations, etc.


For the first time, a community has a centralized volunteer and donation center that makes it easy to search and discover the ways to do either, now during this crisis and in the future.


Real-time Data

Volunteer hours lost, fundraisers canceled, event and mission- delivery revenue lost, etc. — and stories of COVID-19’s impact on individual nonprofits in a region to be used by funders and policymakers to make decisions on how to aid the recovery.

Story Repository

No other place in the community can the public, funders, policymakers, decision-makers find in one place a collection of stories about COVID-19’s impact.

More Ways to Help

Because we source our COVID-19-friendly ways to help now originally and from other existing sources, the site becomes the largest source of information on how to help overcome the pandemic.

Rich Content
Every nonprofit in the region benefits with an engaging profile complete with easy links to volunteer, donate, and view stories.
Detailed Data
Nonprofits can add or update data at any time, and unlimited rows allows as much detail as possible.
Prominent Marketing
Enaging and integrated site banners guide the public to take action.

Easy to Administer,
Easy to Update.

There are five ways to keep the site up to date. Each nonprofit has their own account and volunteers who have insight into multiple nonprofits may serve as site authors. The public can make suggestions and the local sponsor has an account with ability to do most tasks.

We’re right here. Inspiring Service will still maintain overall site maintenance and tech support.


In order to assure every community has what it needs during these challenging times, we are providing the CARES platform on a “contribute what/when/if you can” basis recognizing it costs us about $5,000 for licenses, hosting, setup and initial launch support.

The CARES platform provides a very modern, efficient means of informing and connecting people who want to help with ways to help. It is NOT a volunteer management system or a volunteer event management system and therefore it is NOT duplicative of those efforts in your community. Think of it as just another way of attracting and connecting prospective volunteers with those organizations (volunteer centers, nonprofits, etc) who engage volunteers. Much like TV, radio, print and social media are all different channels to attract people interested in a product or service.

Depending upon what other resources are operating well in your community, you can choose to implement the highly unique real-time assessment and impact story sharing capabilities, the response (ways to help now during the COVID-19) capabilities and/or the direct or facilitated donation capabilities.

First, we direct you to the organization’s donation page whenever possible so the transaction does not even pass through the system.  If we cannot do that and we are needed to facilitate the donation, we do not charge any fees other than the actual and unavoidable credit card or PayPal fees which the donor is asked to consider covering themselves.

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Still Have Questions?

Reach out to us for more answers. We’ll get you on the right track helping your community cope during this difficult time.

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