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P&G, Cincinnati Magazine name Cincinnati Cares giving winner

Cincinnati Cares won first place again in Cincinnati Magazine and Procter & Gamble Co.’s annual giving competition.


For the third consecutive year, Cincinnati Cares topped 100 other nonprofits who participated in the annual giving challenge, winning the top prize of $10,000 as well as two other bonus challenges with cash and values totaling nearly $5,000.

“We’re grateful to Cincinnati Magazine and Procter & Gamble for helping us to achieve the milestone of being named the grand prize winner of the 2020 Cincinnati Gives Challenge,” said Craig Young, founder of Inspiring Service and Cincinnati Cares. “Since starting our work in 2017, we’ve been building better systems FOR the people of Cincinnati. We’re excited to be transitioning to building them WITH our community.”

Cincinnati Magazine’s 2020 Cincinnati Gives Challenge presented by Procter & Gamble tallied $310,000 in donations by 1,465 unique donors, totaling a cumulative local impact of $1,466,960 since the annual, year-end challenge began five years ago.

100 local non-profits participated in the 10-day fundraising competition, vying for $35,000 in cash and bonus prizes from the magazine. The 2020 Cincinnati Gives Challenge began November 30 and ended on December 10 at 5:00 p.m.

For the duration of the challenge, Cincinnati Cares redirects donation links on its site to the Cincinnati Gives’ links for each participating nonprofit.

Earlier this year, Cincinnati Magazine and P&G additionally held the first ever 24-hour #GivingTuesdayNow Cincinnati Gives Challenge on May 5, resulting in an additional $23,567 in donations from the community. The funds raised in May are included in the now cumulative total.

Cincinnati Cares also redirected its link on its site for the May challenge.

These fundraising challenges and prize opportunities were welcomed by local non-profits as they continue to face unprecedented financial struggles this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are humbled by the generosity of so many who stepped up to support organizations in need through the 2020 Cincinnati Gives Challenge, especially during such a difficult year,” said Ivy Bayer, publisher of Cincinnati Magazine, and creator of the Cincinnati Gives Challenge. “We are also so grateful for P&G’s continued support which enables us to provide robust resources and connect people with their passions through Cincinnati Gives. Together, we are helping local organizations stay afloat and even thrive during this pandemic and beyond. Every donor, every dollar makes a difference. Thank you, Cincinnati.”

There were $23,000 in ‘grand prizes’ up for grabs, which will now be awarded to the winners of the 2020 Cincinnati Gives Challenge on top of the dollars they each raised through the Cincinnati Gives platform:

1st PLACE WINNER ($10,000 prize): Cincinnati Cares which raised $48,165

2nd PLACE WINNER ($6,000 prize): Lindner Center of Hope which raised $46,345

3rd PLACE WINNER ($4,000 prize): Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Cincinnati which raised $30,195

4th PLACE WINNER ($2,000 prize): Companions on a Journey Grief Support, Inc. which raised $22,300

5th PLACE WINNER ($1,000 prize): Mental Health America of Northern Kentucky and Southwest Ohio, Inc. which raised $17,105

Daily bonus challenges for the participating non-profits worth $12,000 were also part of the competition which offered extra funding plus other valuable, non-monetary prizes from Cincinnati Magazine.

Cincinnati Magazine debuted the Cincinnati Gives Challenge in 2016 to not only bring awareness to the needs of local charities, but also to provide a platform to connect individuals with the needs of nonprofits to make a tangible, local difference. Unlike any other fundraising initiative in the city, the Cincinnati Gives Challenge bridges the gap between for-profit and nonprofit organizations, designed to leverage the power of community to make a powerful, meaningful and lasting impact.

The 2020 Cincinnati Gives Challenge was presented P&G with support from the Better Business Bureau. It was facilitated by the crowdfunding platform, Mightycause.

“The success of the 2020 Cincinnati Gives Challenge proves that our neighbors are just as passionate about supporting our hometown charities as we are,” said P&G Senior Community Relations Manager, Barbara Hauser. “Our sponsorship of Cincinnati Magazine’s Cincinnati Gives Challenge continues to be a force for good and a force for growth. We are thrilled to be part of raising such a significant amount of funds for the non-profits around our Cincinnati headquarters that desperately needed the help this year.”

Through this annual challenge and the complementary ‘Guide to Giving,’ Cincinnati Magazine directly connects individuals with local organizations that align with their interests and values. The magazine’s comprehensive guide to philanthropy is produced annually in conjunction with the challenge and may be viewed year-round at

View the participating non-profits and the full results of the 2020 challenge at cincinnati

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