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Need For Volunteers Remains Amid Pandemic

Cincinnati Cares, the local organization that works to connect volunteers to organizations in the region that need them, says it was already seeing a decline in people signing up to help before the stay-at-home orders became part of our lives.

The organization had previously seen what it characterized as a record number of volunteer referrals, but notes that in January and February, it started to see “dramatic declines.”

“The scarcity of volunteers doing what keeps nonprofits in our community humming is readily apparent. And it’s a triple whammy,” wrote Doug Bolton, president and CEO of Cincinnati Cares, in an op-ed. “Typically in disaster-related or financial crises, nonprofits can rely on volunteers to offset donor contribution decreases and service-delivery and event income declines. But not now, due to social-distance warnings.”

Bolton noted that there are still safe ways for volunteers to donate their time, even amid the global pandemic.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to talk about the issue is Cincinnati Cares President and CEO Doug Bolton.

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