What We Do


For Everyone

We provide the most complete, comprehensive and easy to use registry of nonprofit organizations that offer volunteer opportunities and examples of the types of opportunities they offer.  We make it easy for anyone to contact those organizations that offer opportunities that might interest them.  We also provide an up to date list and calendar of the largest, most open volunteering events in our community.


For Volunteer Organizers and Coordinators

Numerous efforts support nonprofit organizations in our region through funding, donated goods and services, capacity building or volunteer recruitment and management. The Inspiring Service platform expands upon these existing efforts by creating a space for community exchange and connecting people organizing groups of volunteers and organizations searching for volunteer groups. Whether these are school groups, church groups, corporate teams or even families, the technology enables you to discover, collect and share the information most helpful to you:


Volunteer organizers can:

  • Explore organizations engaging groups of volunteers, based on factors such as group size, age range and location
  • Connect with organizations actively seeking volunteer groups
  • Bookmark organizations and create collections, such as organizations engaging a certain type or size of group
  • Keep track of your own notes for each organization, which can remain private for your use or be shared with other organizers
  • Subscribe to alerts letting you know when organizations are looking for groups of volunteers


Volunteer coordinators/managers can:

  • Connect with volunteer groups actively looking for opportunities to volunteer
  • Easily share information and notes with others in your organization who are engaging volunteers
  • Subscribe to alerts letting you know when groups are looking for a volunteer opportunity


Volunteer community advisors can:

  • Connect volunteer organizers and volunteer coordinators/managers based upon experience
  • Easily share information and notes with others who are engaging volunteers


Our vision is for this registry to create value, both for the community and as a community. Not only can you create a collection of organizations and information that speak to you, but you can also learn from and share with others.